Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists, Saloon Berlin & Performing Encounters, photo by Jonny Star_6228

Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?*

2017 ongoing.

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin Denkraum des lab.bode © Nina Hansch

lab.bode sets

2018 ongoing.

Plattform "Sharing Knowledge", eine Kooperation des Humboldt Lab Dahlem und der Universidad Nacional Experimental Indígena del Tauca. © Humboldt Lab Dahlem, SPK / Uwe Walter und Studio NAND

Education @ Humboldt Forum part II.

2018 ongoing. „Revisiting Collections"

Vortrag #metoo


2011 ongoing. academic teachings.

Gläsernes Modell des künftigen Humboldt Forums © SPK / Stefan Müchler

Education @ Humboldt Forum part I.

2017 - 2018. Curator of Education for Staatliche Museen zu Berlin @ Humboldt Forum.


Knack den Code!

2016. A journey along the path of sex and gender.


Mapping the Commons

2015 – 2017. Ein Spiel als Abbild der Stadt. Im Rahmen des Stipendiums für Kunstvermittlung der nGbK Berlin.

Game Salon with artist-group YKON @ Goetheinstitut Breslau

Performing Encounters

2014 ongoing, is a series of salons, inviting everyone interested in the arts and its reflection.

ABA Salon of Swiss artist Nina Haab @ Kreuzberg Pavillon

ABA Salons

2014 – 2017. A series of salons for ABA AiR Berlin Alexanderplatz.

1. Pecha Kucha Art Night @ Haus am Lützowplatz, images by Christoph Neumann

Pecha Kucha Art Night

2015 – ongoing. A series of Pecha Kucha Nights about Art

KAWA Concert


2009 – 2012. A Project Space.

Esther Ernst (UdK Berlin): Halali, Installationsansicht (Detail). © Esther Ernst

Based on Paper

2010 – 2011 A series of exhibitions about contemporary drawing.