KAWA was created as an exhibition room with a emphasis on participatory and performative art and was a social sculpture in the tradition of the Frankfurter Freitagsküche.
KAWA had hundreds of guests a months; it generated a lot of publicity by presenting and questioning theory and practice from science and art to an enlightened audience. KAWA became established as a “public school” examining the boundaries of the art school’s curriculum and attempting to fill the gaps.
So for instance in 2010: as an independent medium KAWA was able to react faster to the wikileaks disclosures than the art school as an institution. For this reason I organized an interdisciplinary evening with various international representatives of cyberplatonism and members of the hacker culture and the open source movement. The evening was conceptualized to encourage questions from both sides. The audience and I were very much interested in the educational and creative potential of this encounter.