Working Experience

February 2018 until today Research associate at University of Arts, Berlin
January – December 2017
Curator of Education of Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
August 2016 – November 2016
Artistic mentor for „Knack den Code“, art medition project for Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
December 2015 – February
2016 Research assistant for the exhibition 
 „Gestalten“ Image Knowledge Gestaltung. An Interdisciplinary Laboratory; Martin Gropius Bau, 2016
August 2015 – December 2015 Project Assistant at Academy of Arts, Berlin, project Terry Fox – Elemental 
since February 2015 Artistic Director at ABA artist residency, Berlin Alexanderplatz
April 2009 – November 2010 Head of Education at several projects for the city of Braunschweig
October 2008 – June 2012 Head of Education at Kunstverein 
2007 – 2012 Several internships, i.a. at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Ahrenshoop / Lund artist 
 residency and Johann König gallery, Berlin


since 2014 Pursuing on PhD at HFBK, University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, Germany.
2012 Diploma Thesis (additional qualification in Art Education) at Braunschweig University of Arts (HBK)
since 2007 – 2012 Studies of art history, art mediation and German language

Freelance Projects (selection)

since 2015 Concept and curating of the first Pecha-Kucha-Art-Night series in Berlin
since 2014 Performing Encounters series of salons in 
 different institutions, i.a. KunstWerke Berlin; Goetheinstitut Breslau
2010 – 2012 Curator of the exhibition series Based on Paper – Perspectives of drawing in 
 contemporary art in Cologne, Malmö, Munich, Berlin and Braunschweig
2010 Co-organisator of the 6th Sound-Art-Biennale on Rügen, Baltic Sea
2009 – 2012 Founder and director of KAWA, an 
 interdisciplinary project space, Braunschweig


winter semester 2017/2018 Lecturer at University of Arts, Berlin
April 2016 – July 2016
Artistic mentor for „Team Dialog“, art medition project for Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
April 2016
Lecture “Hacking the Relational” during the 
 conference „Das Immaterielle Ausstellen“, 
Graduate School, Münster, Germany
November 2015 Leading of the panel discussion  „Space Day for Terry Fox“, Akademie der Künste / DAAD, Berlin
September 2015 Lecture “Everyone must win – a recall of Buckminster Fullers World Game” during the conference on Black Mountain College at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
July 2015 Presentation of Performing Encounters at HBK Braunschweig during the course „history of art exhibitions“
November 2014 Lecture “How To Do Art With Words”
 during the conference „in|zwischen Kunst und Vermittlung“ Halle /Leipzig
WiSe 2011/2012 Lecturer at HBK Braunschweig in a basis course about art criticism


May 2017 – February 2018 travel-stipend for documenta 14 at Centre Marc Bloch
October 2015 – October 2016
nGbK Berlin stipend for art-mediation 2015/2016 for “Mapping the Commons”
September 2015 Research scholarship 2015 of the city Berlin for “Performing Encounters”
December 2014 Prize for female scientists of the Humboldt-
 University for “Performing Encounters”


Educational discourses, the possibilities and legitimations of digital art mediation, utopian concepts

Publications (selection)

November 2017  contribution in Ellen Wagner (Eds.): “Newflash Kunstkritik, online publication, HfG Offenbach
September 2017 
contribution in Lis Hansen, Janneke Schoene (Eds.):”Immaterielles Ausstellen”, conference transcript, transcript Verlag
September 2016
contribution to Nikola Doll, Katherine Lee Chichester (eds.): “+ultra. wissen schafft gestaltung” on the occassion of the upcoming exhibition at Martin Gropius Bau
Juni 2016
A Recall of Buckminster Fullers World Game in: Annette Jael Lehmann (eds.): „Black Mountain Research“, Kerber Verlag, 2016
since 2016
peer-reviewer for “Journal for Artistic Research“, published by the Society for Artistic Research (SAR)
July 2015
“Formen der Wissensgenerierung – Practices in Performance Art”, eds. by Manfred Blohm, Elke Mark; Athena
July 2012 Publication “to think something together”
 in cooperation with Kunstverein Braunschweig and Braunschweig University of Arts