“working with (friends)“ as a critical practice – revised.

Tuesday July 12th, 2016

As promising and smooth the last week started, as spoiled and dodgy it ended.
The subsequent executions are a reaction to this imbroglio.


1) Never make any contracts. 

Yes. I mean it. Better than contracts: Think in advance! Do you trust this person? Is this friendship precious? Is this project worth, to loose a friend because you sue him? Seriously, would you ever sue a friend?

2) Communicate.
No matter, for how long this project is planned in advance. Don´t let the deadline/opening/release/launch date come to close. Speak about your plans and concepts – now!

3.) Communicate.
Don´t mix it up. Meet for coffee/tea/vodka but meet for work on different days. If you go for a drink after work, to speak further about your plans and concepts – well, thats just fine.

4.) Communicate.
Money, hierarchies, disappointed expectations, insulted vanity, vague responsibilities – if you don´t communicate very clearly, some of these will screw you.

5.) Try to take it with humor.
Working with friends is working within a close relationship. Its hard to leave all that burden out. He is always unreliable? She is never in time for meetings? You knew that before, didn´t you? And yet there was a reason to work with him or her.

6.) Sit down and count to 100.
Failure is part of the process…If this work-relationship turns out to be disappointing after all, keep calm, avoid insults and offense. Manage to bring the project to a quick end and try to make the best out of it.

7.) Give it another try.
And this time: Communicate it better.

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