„Working with“ as a critical practice.

Sonntag, der 15. Mai 2016

Criticism should create space. I propose „dialogue“ as space for criticism together with artists, and/or other critics, activists and interested subjects. I like the blurring, hybrid liminal spaces that arise from the collaboration practice working with.
This concept tries to avoid the top-down hierarchies in art, be it experts‘ authority or symbolic capital accumulation. It means to favor the critical dialogue and to foster the argument, but to reject the existing codes of communication, such as exclusiveness, arrogance and careerism. It means to get rid of strategic sociality (the selective socializing only as part of professional interest and benefit).
With this in mind, I’ve invited the artist collective YKON to create a dinner-as-game, that plays with social conventions at the dinner table. Yesterday they performed it at the Pop-Up-Pavillon of the Goetheinstitut in Breslau. It was a nice trip to Breslau and I was so happy to see, how my „baby“ has evolved since the YKON DINNER, I hosted in Berlin last month. We had inspiring discussions about Breslau/Wroszlav and urban planning, bicycle activism, plant consciousness and art in general. I had the feeling, that we were working with each others and created a public sphere of debate. It was joy-and delightful! Thank you, Pekko and Tomas from YKON and the Goetheinstitut Krakau!

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