Sunday November 27th, 2016

A brief post about the Generational Grenade Thrower, the worst Womenemy you´ll find ever.
She suffered her way through the patriarchy, so you should, too.
My personal Generational Grenade Thrower is a particular nice woman – which asked me to do a „small“ job for her, that turned out to be poorly paid – but not small at all. The mails are floating in constantly (I´ve quitted counting at 400+) and are sometimes cryptic, sometimes outrageous but always signed with „warmly, yours…“. I´ve told her once, that I have two small kids and therefore have to be efficient, that good time management is indispensable for me and I simply can´t do work twice or waste time, unraveling her frequent mails. She, in respond to, told me she´s spent her first years income completely for babysitters, so men won´t have cause to pre-judge her as „mother“. „Ah!“ I thought and then I knew. She learnt her place early, taught, that she must compete with other women – for the attention of…men. 
Of course, a project can change. Sometimes you can´t see it coming. But that is not the point – the point is: I get payment for an executive task and she seems to take me for her personal assistant.
I´ve asked for a raise twice – she´s ignored me both times and sent the next mails with „kind regards“ – and new tasks. I´ve asked for a telephone meeting. Ignored. Now I´ve decided to ignore her mails. Its so sad! „There is a very special place in hell for women who don´t support other women“ Madelaine Albright has once said. Of course, if that were true, many of us would be burning at the fiery gates, but hell, sisters, aren´t we on the same side? Don´t turn your weapons on your sisters in combat. Fight for fair wages, never offer so-called „Werkverträge“, if you can´t pay fair! Or, be honest at least, so your opposite has the chance to gain a realistic view over the project and her tasks in it. Slavery is abolished, girls. Don´t let yourself spoon-feed with gut-punchingly lower wages than what you deserve.

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