Why can´t great artists be mothers?

Montag, der 30. Mai 2016

I have fear of flying and am already nervous, thinking of the forthcoming 6hrs flight. But I am really looking forward to NYC and can´t wait to visit Berenice Güttlers studio.
Last week I was a bit lazy, adapted to the high temperatures. But I visited Mathilde ter Heijne´s beautiful show at Haus am Lützowplatz.  Another artist, I´ve been excited about for years. Marc Wellmann, the director of HaL, who has invited me as guest-curator for a series of salons, told me very interesting things about the current show. We had a great chat about the dependencies (or un-dependencies) of reporting and visitor numbers. Mathilde´s show got a lot of attention in the academia circles – but the (Berliners) visitors stayed away. Was it too early for this show, that deals with participation, utopia, refugee crisis and appears a bit „hippiesk“?
On the occasion of the very feminist accompanying program, we spoke about the recent article in the New York Times: „Why can´t great artists be mothers?“ 
and – yes – this topic is still up-to-date. I was asking myself dozens of times, whenever a mother in the art scene was „named“ a mother: „Would you highlight the family status of a male curator/artist/critic as essential feature as well?“
Hardly. But – I decided to point out my status as mother in my CV. BECAUSE we are not equal yet. BECAUSE the fight for my daughter´s rights to be it once, is part of my identity. I don´t see everything related to, or shadowed by my status as mother. But to be on the qui vive, to be critical and to name discrimination, when I encounter it, seems important to me.

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