„they have to struggle“

Dienstag, der 20. September 2016

Recently I read this interview with Johann König. He is absolutely right – but as soon as he posted the interview on FB, some (male) peers answered: „The discrimination of females in the art world is similar to the discrimination in any other business.“ That would be bad enough, but what is this answer supposed to tell us, anyway? The German newspaper Die Zeit echoes this in the article „Frauen, wagt mehr Größenwahn!“ Comments: Nothing to speak of, it´s not worth the trouble… On love, motherhood and modern mysteries commented Julieta Aranda in this interview. Totally worth reading!
And here comes a supplement to my critical review of the monumental Carl Andre exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof: The 18th September 2016, a group of activists female, male and non-binary walked through the main gate of the Hamburger Bahnhof a cacophony of cellos, wails and bells played from their mobile phones. Their arms and wrists doused in red paint emblematic of Ana Mendieta work and discourse they held banners that silently screamed “Where is Ana Mendieta” “Ana Mendieta ermordet” and “Stop glorifying violent men”. More about this action, which was long overdue, can be read on KubaParis.
Meanwhile I am busy preparing two salons: Performing Encounters invites the artists Ralf Baecker, Sebastian Schmieg and Jennifer Lyn Morone to create an evening around the sensitive topics of “Standardisation” and “control”. The artist talks will be moderated by Jeni Fulton (sleek magazine), we will have film screenings and some good food. Looking forward!
Artist Yvon Chabrowski and me are preparing a more informal, private salon for November.

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