Re: Why women still can´t have it all…

Montag, der 15. Mai 2017

It´s been a while. Partly out of laziness, partly out of a lack of time, caused by my new full-time-job at Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, I couldn´t get myself to write. Some other things happened as well – as our Kindergarten let us down and Marie has to wait for her place at daycare until September. Well.
Last Saturday I´ve had a party night despite of all that nasty stuff – on the occassion of my hen night. Yea, I am going to marry the coming Friday. Whoop Whoop!
As I´ve felt sick the whole day while sitting in a supercooled conference room, I just invited 4 girls: A mother I know from Kindergarten (she works for a Gallery), another mother I know from Kindergarten (she is an art historian and her mother owns a Gallery), my best friend (a translator) and the friend of a friend (she is graphic designer). All of them have 2-3 kids and all are married, one of them is just in the middle of a divorce. After a few beers we switched from „How shitty/boring/great-after-all all our jobs are“ to „Kindergarten really s*cks“ to „family planning“. And then it came, this sentence: „women can´t have everything. You have to decide – either kids or career.“ Or maybe you can have one child. Or two, if you´re not so career-minded. But – why? Because the system (aka Kindergarten, aka state/nation aka old white man) are unable to support families instead of making their tasks even more difficult? Because we want too much? Because we live in „such“ times and far away from our own parents? Because we celebrate to be mobile, flexible and always on the go?
Oh gals. It´s really time to support each others. It is my strong belief, that, with just a little support  (means -> no bitching, no bad mother gossiping, no female pecking orders) we ABSOLUTELY can have it all.

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  1. hey Yvonne! freut mich mal wieder was von dir zu lesen /hören. Ich habe durch Surya erfahren, dass du die Rede bei unserem Perfo-Event machen wirst in Hamburg. Sau cool! Ich bin seit 1 jahr und 4 Monate auch Mutter und dein Eintrag vom 15.Mai finde ich richtig gut. Ich denke ich werde dein Blog folgen 😉 yeah!!

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