Possibilities of distraction.

Montag, der 9. Mai 2016

I feel awfully busy last days, but somehow I´ve managed the balancing act between work, networking and spending time with the kids. The baby is with me anyway and the „big“ one and me had great afternoons together in our urban garden. But in the morning I am dedicated to worrrrrk and I love it! Baby Marie made me even more focussed and she is a quiet one, so I can continue meeting people, visiting venues and exhibitions and to hold and host salons. But how pissed I am about German „Elterngeld“!! As freelancer you must have studied laws or economics, before you submit an application for Elterngeld – otherwise you´ll get screwed. But they screw you anyway, if you are not married, have no huge, double income or if you happen to be (nervous laugh) an artist or similar. You will even get kicked out of KSK (health insurance for artists and writers) for taking maternal leave!
But anyways – apart from being annoyed of German bureaucracy, I had a great start into Berlin spring. I´ve met amazing people, for example Anna Bromley, who is pursuing on her phd in practice at HFBK Hamburg, like I do.
I really like both her artistic work and her research about „Albernheit“ (silliness). The creative potential that lies into silliness seem to be a rich topic to research about – and I am looking forward to hear Annas contribution to the upcoming Pecha Kucha Art Night at Haus am Lützowplatz, that Tina Sauerländer and me are currently preparing. 
But while Anna and me were talking, it strucked me once more, how great it would be to gather an opportunity to focus only on my thesis. All the salons were wonderful experiences – but to sit down and reflect about what ´ve been done so far and how everything is related and what to do now, that would be just amazing.

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