Mama, Nein, Brei, Schwein

Monday June 19th, 2017

My daughter is 15 months old and starts to talk in understandable language. She´s decided to classify the world in four categories: Good things (“Mama”), bad things (“Nein”), things you can eat (“Brei”) and pigs (“Schwein”). Why the last classification? Because she likes pigs. A lot.
It´s ridiculous, but it reminds me of my actual daily working routine. Working for one of the biggest and certainly most ambitious cultural battleships means (at the moment): To produce day-to-day irreversible, but mostly irrational “Neins”, longing for “Brei”, or lunch break as the most innovative part of the day and wishing for “Mama” the rest of the time. And yes, I could identify pigs as well. Many.
But, well, things will get better and while I´m working on this, I like to announce a great program: SAVVY Funk, the documenta 14 radio! My dear colleague Anna Bromley is one of the contributors!

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