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Wednesday July 6th, 2016

Life’s what happens when you’re busy making plans, some say. Yesterday was such a pitch-black-golden day. Whenthe last, completely mad week eventually ended, the new week seemed to start a bit smoother. (Remember: rude rejection from an institution; Birte Bosse and I hosted a beautiful salon despite of the fact, that my son just now broke his collarbone and had to stay with us during the installation…). I was still a bit exhausted on Monday, I must say, either from the action to cart 350 kilogramms of soil into the exhibition room for only one night, or from the dining party in the following. But on Tuesday we paid a visit to our new „land lords“, the „Hausverwaltung“ and *champagne* they´ve accepted us as new tenants to our dream apartment! We´ll move in August! YAY!
Afterwards a call came in from my former client, the Exzellenzcluster Bild Wissen Gestaltung  with a request for another short-time job. Another YAY!
Nevertheless – I still mourn after the missed opportunity at Leuphana and desperately wishes myself into a university environment for my studies.
And another wasted thing: As I was so busy to meet a deadline with a catalogue text, I´ve missed an opportunity for a drink with Lisette Smits, former director of Casco in Utrecht.She is currently resident at ABA AiR Berlin Alexanderplatz, the magnificent network and artist residency, I sometimes curate for. Her research is focused on the human voice, as a means or an end in itself, within artistic practice. This research starts from the premise that here is an increasing interest amongst a new generation of artists and writers, often female, who use the voice – subjectively and objectively – in their work (sometimes described as a means to define their intimate relationship with the computer).
This points at a condition that ‘orality’ – spoken or in text as the first person – might be a big issue today, a condition which without doubt is informed by processes of digitization and other technological developments. Lisettes research will lead to a curriculum for a temporary MA program Master of Voice, which will start in October 2016 at the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam.
I hope to get another chance…let´s see what else this promising week brings…

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