Montag, der 19. Februar 2018

Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking for a moment about how to deal with feminism and racism – and the intersection of it. For example: Inquiries from „feminist“ women’s groups who, in addition to many demands that also feel right for me, also miss out on the image of women by Arab men „on German soil“.
Or: how to deal with the „old white men“ on Facebook, if they are relevant to your own work, and you stupidly have agreed to an FB friend request (out of interest, because sometimes also posted good references to conferences, etc.). You read and notice: Huch, the man may have good  ideas, but posts almost every day undifferentiated stuff (in the tenor: The „Versiffung“ of the cultural industry / we must protect women’s rights and gay rights from Islamism / The „Tugendwächter/Neue Bilderstürmer“ are Nazis; So everything is little differentiated, even if I can accept other opinions, of course, but I do not like to read polemic propaganda). It makes me nervous, what is displayed to me on Facebook, even from the contacts of those persons. On the one hand, well, let me see what goes on outside of my „left-wing“ filter-bubble, on the other hand I’m worried about the widespread anti-Islamic and at the same time profoundly patriarchal thinking inside universities.

It is actually more visible today, even though anti-Islamic, racist and patriarchal worldviews have always existed in the academic field (and everywhere). We now see them more through social media, where everyone is allowed to spread his or her opinions. Self-locating and seeing what the others post makes us more alert and forces us to be more and more aware of our position, and perhaps to find formats, to argue when it comes to that. I try to inform myself now: what are the critical voices, where do I have to catch up on reading, where do I get concrete tools for non-violent communication.

Do you have any more ideas?



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