Conference protocols: Marrakech – Halle – Zurich

Montag, der 4. Juni 2018

At the beginning of May, the conference „We Are Museums“ took place in Marrakech. I had expected the announced, critical reflection of new technologies in the museum. The choice of location already seemed promising: North Africa as a conference venue moved, at least to some extent, the global south from the periphery to the center. Unfortunately, then, instead of the promised criticism, the conference came up with only many „best practice“ lectures and promotional events. Where were the mistakes, the failure, stumbling; the criticism of the flip side of the techniques, like data protection, copyright, edutainment etc. etc.? The complete opposite of the really huge conference in Marocco was then „Postcolonial Digital Connections“ in Halle. A small „conference“, actually rather a really exquisite thinking circle. Good food and a lot of time for professional exchange. Wonderful topics, profound criticism, a lot of food for thought. Well then, in early June, the symposium: „intertwining hi / stories of art education“ in Zurich. Wonderfully unruffled in the Shedhalle, good workshops, concentrated lectures and really amazing students who got involved, contributed, questioned. Great. Thank you for these experiences!

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