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Freitag, der 9. November 2018

I am getting coached. From different women, because I benefit a lot from women’s networks and get promoted, and in those they think that women still need tutoring in terms of „leadership, leadership, being boss“.
The last round of coaching was exactly about this so-called leadership competence. The coach asked us if we ever had to solve difficult situations as a manager. We asked for an example and she said that once, as a departmental manager, she had to forbid a woman wearing a skirt too short for the office.
„You had to“? We asked. Yes, complaints had come from men who had to look at her and it did not match the values of the company. The woman was not even in the outreach field, but still had a certain duty to the company to dress according to her profession.
I typed „short skirt, work“ into Google and got articles from 2018 that „warned“, even „forbid“, to wear a short skirt at work, one should „not molest colleagues and clients with nudity“ (expressly male colleagues and customers). That mustn´t be.
Ah, Yes? Says who?
I would rather see my role as a female leader in creating structures in which identity and individuality are not a problem. But the other women agreed to the coach even: That nudity is also „unprofessional“ and that it „distracts from the competence“. Short clothes, „nudity“ was even compared with body odor.
Girls, we will not change anything with this mindset.
Because this fight, which was dismissed as „unimportant“ by another woman on that day, is essential: one half of society can be dictated by the other half of society, which she has to wear at work.
And yes, I know that men in shorts are not welcome in certain professions and I find that just as questionable. With the mindset „we’ve always done it this way“ or „we’ve never done it that way“, we only reproductive garbage.
Or not?

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