Mittwoch, der 17. Oktober 2018

Confusion all along the line. I can well understand that to most people life seems over-complex – because  it is.
How can it be that we privileged people are so worried about the „right“ form of learning, looking for a „Freie Schule“ for our child, in which we see the alternative to the neoliberal education system in which we have become successful ( But which then takes 300 € per month and child and organized an Assessment Center for the parents selection) ? At the same time a women sits in front of the bio company, in which we prefer to buy our goods unpacked, with her child and begs. She denies her child access to education and laughs at me as she looks at my anger over it. I do not speak to them, because I have learned that every form of life, and especially that which is founded in a culture, is right. Optimizing, adapting, integrating or criticizing the woman and her behavior would be assimilation and also (post-)colonial. Recently I had a passionate discussion with a religious scholar about this very topic: her feminist research was about acts of violence against women based on religion. Their studies have shown that Islam (Koran) is more misogynistic than other religious writings and that more violence against women has taken place in Islamic, non-European communities. Her argument was that women are held in the post-colonial dependencies of patriarchates who have profited, above all, from the West, through inaction. I found her research racist and arsonist. Then I found myself with a right-wing-liberal-conservative editor at dinner. He asked me for exchange. Do I talk to him now or would that strengthen the right milieu? I already had an exciting discussion about similar topics with Annika von Taube on Facebook recently. Speaking of Facebook: I quickly had the reflex, to delete people who commented on Facebook about the big „Unteilbar“ demo: „fun demo“ or „almost like loveparade“ or „I had better things to do“ or even „left-radical“.  If not demonstrate for democracy now, then when ever?   But what are we for? Against what? Unteilbar – when will that stop? How much right can this democracy tolerate, how much left? How bigott can I be? Long live the contradiction. Well, you have to live with that.

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