Monday May 23rd, 2016

It seems that I am not the only one who did not like the show „Sculpture as Place“ and noticed the all-male networks, that fostered the fame of Carl Andre. An Paenhuysen wrote about his current retrospective at Hamburger Bahnhof: „It´s hard to get excited and even harder, not to get bored“.
But as it so happens, I work with some students about this show – we´ll invent a game as art mediation. I´ve held my first lecture last Friday and it went very well. But I´ll need more ideas how to relax them in their urgent need for fixed knowledge.
Anyways, today I visited video artist Yvon Chabrowski at her studio. I spent a great time with her and enjoyed her impressive work. We´ll organize a salon together in September/October, yay! That studio visit brightened my Monday…
I am yet a bit sad as I had to cancel my New York salon plans, but it was just too short notice to organize a convincing concept for Ludlow 38. Some years ago I dreamt of becoming the selected guest curator at Ludlow for one year. Now I would pay for not being in this position. Little budgets, no time, New York… But the current curator Nina Tabassomi seems to be a nice person (sharp-minded, fast-thinker, a little arrogant and straightforward). Looking forward to meet her during my time in NYC.

Short digression into literature: Why is young German literature so sad? Be it Tino Hahnekamp, Ronja von Rönne or Helene Hegemann – all of them are f****ing young and incredibly depressed. #luckypeopleareboring #dullpeoplehappypeople
I can´t help but I am bored of all this sadness. Hashtag myass.

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