Donnerstag, der 12. Mai 2016

Studio visits are always exciting. It is like being invited to an intimate date and I am terrible nervous in advance. How will the studio look like? I´ve been to studios, that were a complete mess with litter in every corner, with empty bottles and books and other inspiring material lying around. Mostly that have been male painters studios.
I´ve been to clean white rooms, laboratories of thought. I´ve visited workshops that resembled garages and easily could belong to an engineer or a crazy tinkerer.
When I visited Nadine Fecht´s  studio yesterday I was expecting a more thoughtful environment. Her studio is located at Schöneweide and I had to climb up an outside staircase, which always gives me a feeling of vertigo. But it was worth the effort: Her drawings deal with repetition and affirmation in a highly reflected way.
We´ve looked together at her latest works, for example the series „I am not hysterical“ and spoke about being a (female) artist in 2016 Berlin.
If I had a gallery or an art space and some money to spent, I would love to organize an exhibition about the rhythms of acceleration. Last year I worked with Tobias Sjöberg  who faces the growing speed of post-digital times with performances and through dance. A former fellow student of mine, Katharina Kamph, works with paper as material for complex sculptures. To manufacture them is so incredible time-eating, that they seem to glow in contemplation. Adam Linder would be another interesting position in this exhibition: His „Choreographic Services“ series, in which he offers choreographic performance as a service for hire, are a smart critical reflection of the relationship between economic labor and social conditions.
The more I think about this what-if project, the more I think it would perfectly fit in my plans for 2017. I am currently planning a series of symposia, artist talks and open tables called „Technobodies. Measurements.“ that are expected to take place at Lacuna Lab. I´ve met wonderful artist/designer Thomas Heidtmann and Sarah Hermanutz yesterday as well and spoke about the possibilities of hosting the series at their venue at Paul-Lincke-Ufer. Lets see – for now I have to prepare the YKON game dinner  at Pop-Up Pavillon Breslau, that takes place on Saturday!

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