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Tuesday May 10th, 2016

Last Saturday I attended the workshop „PLAYGROUND – A Place to Write about Art with Fun“, organized by art critics Ignacio Szmulewicz and An Paenhuysen at KN. Space for art in context.
It had fun I must say and it encouraged me to finally start a blog. So, well done, An and Ignacio. An said a few things, that really inspired me. We talked about our „voice“ that depends on our language and experiences, as well as on our character. I liked that idea, as well as I liked the link to Susan Sontag. Sontag proposed, to try to change the body, our cover, to have an other experience and therefore a different writing style. 
Sontag quote from The Complete Rolling Stone Interview: “Don’t you think you’d write differently if you were all naked and wrapped in velvet? (laughing) There are all these stories about Goethe, or maybe it was Schiller, who used to write with his feet in warm water. And Wagner, who only composed in silk robes with incense and perfume in the room.” I will try this out sometime. It reminds me of my little boy, who turn into a „grown up women that can breastfeed“ on weekends. He has a new role since a few weeks, as big brother, and still figures out how to fit in this big shoes. Wearing my t-shirts as dresses makes him feel big and strong. He can better deal with the responsibility, once he has slipped in a dress. Well, thats applied feminism!
After the workshop we´ve been to a BBQ at a studio house at Treptow.
I´ve hosted a dinner salon with Sebastian Körbs at this venue last week. On that occasion we had nice talks about art criticism and text vs image. This time I visited the studio of Lorcan O´Byrne.
Dear Lorcan, that was a great experience. We know each others for nearly 4 years now but I never had a closer look. Shame on me! I am really in love with your still lifes. I do not like the portraits much but that is because I have no love for painting in general. But the still lifes…
They reminded me of the works of Annette Kelm, which I admire for their spirit and simplicity. But there is much more about your paintings, Lorcan. I really feel it! The purity of the objects, the zoom into and out, the enthusiasm for the surface. Each painting, you showed to me, made my heart laugh, as it was so plain, so easy, so on-point.
I´ll definitely try to organize a show for you this year.

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