A piece of the pie.

Sonntag, der 8. Mai 2016

I have to plan 2017. Applications have to be written, financial plans to be developed and research to be done. Sometimes I am already fed up with the project, I fundraised for a year or two, if it happen to take place finally. But, ya. No new story. 
Recently I was invited to propose my 2017 curatorial program to an off-space. The meeting was nice and easy and we spoke about content, about evaluation and measurement – until it came to the financials. They told me, as they have never yet received structural promotion by Berlin city, they won´t give freelancing curators venue certificates anymore, so that they won´t be able to apply for money with projects to realize in this certain off-space. Because sometimes the freelancing curators received funding and then the off-space haven´t been given a slice of the pie. That was unfair. 
Now they charge space rent from freelancers: If your project is shitty, but you happen to be rich, you pay lots of money. If the project is nice and funded, you pay less but you pay. If your project is awesome and you have nothing, you get everything for free and an offertory will be organized for you. That is fair.
Afterwards I sat in a restaurant with my baby daughter and made up my mind: Is that true? Is that fairness? Ya, of course. An off-space makes lot of work. The people who work there want to get paid, too. Rooms costs money, cleaning costs money, sound PA costs money. But I did work, too! I had lots of work, actually. Research, applications, more research. Networking. Emailing. Work. And I won´t – ever – pay for space to present my work in.

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